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BRAND: Muscle Rods
SKU: 000-6400-00
Moroso High Clearance Oil Pan

Moroso High Clearance Oil Pan
Purchase Moroso High Clearance Oil Pan
  • BRAND: Muscle Rods
    SKU: 000-6400-00

    Moroso High Clearance Oil Pan

  • $529.00


Introducing the Moroso High Clearance Oil Pan, the definitive solution for vehicles where ground clearance is a critical factor. Designed to Muscle Rod's exact specifications by Moroso, this High Clearance Oil Pan isn't just a component-it's an enhancement to your vehicle's undercarriage that promises both performance and endurance.

Optimized Design for Durability

Crafted for resilience, the Moroso High Clearance Oil Pan is engineered to maintain structural integrity even in the most demanding conditions. It's an essential upgrade for drivers who demand the best from their vehicles, ensuring that nothing holds you back, whether you're on the street or the track. The inclusion of a pickup tube girdle fortifies the oil pan further, providing you peace of mind about the longevity and reliability of your engine's lubrication system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for situations requiring additional ground clearance.
  • Engineered to preserve structural integrity under stress.
  • Includes a robust pickup tube girdle for added durability.
  • Comes with an AC oil filter PF46 for complete maintenance ease.
  • Crafted by Moroso, a trusted name in automotive performance parts.

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