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BRAND: Muscle Rods
SKU: 201-6683-04
1970 Skylark EFI Fuel Tank kit - 255 LPH Pump

1970 Skylark EFI Fuel Tank kit - 255 LPH Pump
Purchase 1970 Skylark EFI Fuel Tank kit - 255 LPH Pump
  • BRAND: Muscle Rods
    SKU: 201-6683-04

    1970 Skylark EFI Fuel Tank kit - 255 LPH Pump

  • $586.00


Upgrade your 1970 Buick Skylark with the superior 1970 Skylark EFI Fuel Tank Kit - 255 LPH Pump. This high-performance solution is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate modern fuel injection systems into your classic muscle car, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Elevate your driving experience with our meticulously crafted conversion kit that supports up to 550 horsepower, providing unmatched power and efficiency for your LS engine swap.

Precision Engineering for Exceptional Performance

Our 1970 Skylark EFI Fuel Tank Kit - 255 LPH Pump is a game changer for performance enthusiasts. Engineered with precision, this kit includes an in-tank fuel pump module equipped with a 255 LPH Walbro Fuel Pump. This powerful pump ensures that your engine receives the consistent fuel flow required for optimal performance, efficiently supporting up to 550 horsepower. For those aiming for even more horsepower, we offer an upgraded 400 LPH pump tank kit.

Comprehensive and Easy-to-Install

This kit isn't just about performance; it's about convenience too. The EFI conversion kit comes fully loaded with everything you need for a hassle-free installation. From tank straps to a high-quality sending unit, vent filter, gaskets, and all necessary hardware, every component is designed to fit perfectly, guaranteeing a secure and efficient setup. No need to search for additional parts – it's all here in one complete package.

Durable Construction, Trusted Brand

Manufactured in the USA by Muscle Rods, this fuel tank kit guarantees durability and longevity. The robust construction is designed to withstand the demands of high-performance driving, ensuring your 1970 Skylark performs at its best, mile after mile. Trust in a brand that stands for quality and expertise in the automotive industry, dedicated to enhancing your vehicle's performance with top-notch products.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Skylark

Experience the power and reliability of modern fuel delivery systems with our 1970 Skylark EFI Fuel Tank Kit - 255 LPH Pump. Whether you're restoring your classic car or upgrading for peak performance, this kit delivers the efficiency and power you need. Embrace the future of fuel injection technology and watch your Skylark roar to life with unprecedented vigor.

Features & Benefits

  • In-tank fuel pump module for consistent fuel delivery
  • 255 LPH Walbro Fuel Pump supports up to 550 horsepower
  • Complete installation kit with tank straps, gaskets, and hardware
  • Fuel pump and sending unit included
  • Vent filter to maintain system integrity
  • Manufactured in the USA by trusted brand Muscle Rods

What's Included

  • In-tank fuel pump module
  • 255 LPH Walbro Fuel Pump
  • Sending unit
  • Tank straps
  • Vent filter
  • Gaskets
  • Hardware


  • 1970 Buick Skylark

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