Muscle Rods Rear Coil Relocation Kit

Our Coil Relocation Kit alleviates the problem of the rear coils hitting the power brake booster or air conditioning box when swapping the LS engines into early vehicles. The relocation brackets are laser cut from brushed stainless steel for a great clean appearance. It relocates the rear coil upwards to provide adequate clearance for power brake boosters and air conditioning. Each kit includes all necessary hardware along with one of our 12” high performance spark plug wires. Installation is easy, the brackets bolt to the valve cover using existing mounting holes on factory valve covers (as well as most aftermarket valve covers). They are available for all styles of coils and each side separately or together to add symmetry to your installation. See below for coil identification guide.

Coil Relocation Kit  Vertical mounted coils

000-6900-04      Vertical mount Driver Side                         $99.95


000-6900-16      Vertical mount Passenger Side                 $99.95


000-6900-00      Vertical mount Both Sides                         $189.98

Coil Relocation Kit  Horizontal mounted coils

000-6004-04      Horizontal mount Driver Side                    $99.95


000-6004-16      Horizontal mount Passenger Side             $99.95


000-6004-00      Horizontal mount Both Sides                     $189.98

A-body with power brake booster and early truck coils on driver side vertical mount relocation kit.

LS Coil ID Guide


Vertical Mounted Coils


 LS1 Coil                                                    Truck w/o heat-sink                                         LS3 Coil                                                  LS7 Coil

 AC Delco D580                                         AC Delco D581                                               AC Delco D510C                                     AC Delco D514A

Horizontal Mounted Coil


LS1 Coils with Vertical Mount Relocation kit Passenger side

Truck Coil with heat-sink

AC Delco D585

Muscle Rods Extreme Race Wires

Our 8mm high performance Spark plug wires feature a helically wound core to allow maximum spark energy at only 25 ohms per foot. They increase power to the spark plug by up to 25% over stock, and still suppress RFI noise. Stainless steel double crimped terminals resist corrosion and their high-temperature silicone boots resist temperatures of up to 600° F. They also differ from stock with their 45° angle spark plug boot, which makes them positionable and ideal for use with headers. They come in 8” and 12” lengths to match to your coil set up.


LS Spark Plug wire sets

006-2813-00       8” Spark Plug Wire Set                             $69.95


006-2853-00      12” Spark Plug Wire Set                            $79.95


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