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1963-1972 GM Trucks LS Conversion

This LS swap kit was specifically designed for 1963-1972 GM ½ ton and 3/4 ton 2wd and 4wd trucks and SUVs. The center of this conversion is our engine mounts and crossmember kit. This mount kit includes new frame brackets that bolt into existing holes in the frame. Unlike most LS swap parts on the market everything here was made to work together, so you'll have clean mounting of your engine and not a mix of unrelated parts. Our engine mounts position the engine so there is no steering interference, and our crossmember maintains the proper drive-line angle. There are many options to complete this conversion including, oil pans, headers, fuel system, cooling, front accessories, and wiring. Simply scroll down through the following part groups to see all that we offer for an easy, strong, and clean installation of your LS engine. See our installation guide for more info on this LS swap.

Available Transmissions

120-0002-56    LS and T-56 or TR-6060*

120-0002-60    LS and 4L60E to 4L70E

120-0002-80    LS and 4L80E or 4L85E

120-0002-89    LS and 6L80E to 10L90E*

120-0002-40    LS and TH400

120-0002-35    LS and PG,TH350 or 4spd


1963-72 GM Truck

LS Series Swap

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Sold separately so you get what you need.

Everything here is specifically for your truck

No generic hope-it-fits parts here. Everything was developed on a real project truck for the best possible fit.

2wd Mount and Crossmember Kit

Includes motor mounts, frame brackets, transmission crossmember, transmission mount, and hardware.  Manufactured from the highest grade American made steel. They're laser cut, precision bent, powder coated and feature polyurethane bushings.  It has a lifetime free replacement warranty on the bushings.                                                  $529.00

*Using a TR-6060 and some 8L90E/10L90E transmissions will require the use of one of the late model mount adapters listed below.

2wd Engine Mount and Frame bracket kit

For those of you working on custom applications we offer our engine mounts separately.

120-1302-00      Engine mounts and frame brackets only                       $299.00

4wd Engine Mount and Frame bracket kit

This 4wd mount kit locates the engine at the factory bell housing location so you can use your original transmission, transfer case and crossmember. If using a late model transmission you will have to relocate your crossmember and trim for fitment. Includes motor mounts, frame brackets, and hardware.                                                 $299.00

Late Model Transmission Mount Adapters

We have adapter brackets available for those of you using Camaro TR-6060 or CTS-V T-56 manual transmissions and CTS-V 6L80E or 8L90E automatics. Click here for more info.


Solid Race Bushings

Also available are solid race bushings for our engine mounts.

Oil Pan kits

The LH8 pan is the oil pan that our LS swap was designed around. It comes standard or machined for the oil bypass valve to use with displacement on demand or variable valve timing. Includes new full length windage tray, pickup tube, hardware, gasket, dipstick, and our pickup tube girdle. We also offer our High Clearance oil pan that is great for people looking for additional ground clearance.


000-6100-00      LH8 Oil Pan                                                                    $299.00


000-6102-00      LH8 Oil Pan (machined for ‘08 up VVT bypass)             $379.00


000-6400-00      Moroso High Clearance Oil Pan                                     $529.00

Oil pan kits come with our exclusive pickup tube girdle.

BRP Oil Pump Pickup Tube Girdle

Original GM oil pickup tubes are fastened to the pump with a single bolt mating flange on the tube. The bolt hole on the other side is not used. Our Girdle is cnc machined aluminum and goes over the original mating flange, wraps around the tube, and fastens using both bolt holes. Use with a little Locktight and it’s cheap insurance against an engine meltdown. It comes with two longer bolts for install.


000-6000-00      Girdle with hardware                                                      $24.95


Muscle Rods Ceramic Coated Headers

Our ceramic-coated headers offer many features that are normally only found on custom race headers. We start with 3/8" laser cut flanges with the tubes welded inside and out and then machined. The mid-length headers use a gasket-less ball and socket type collector for a leak free install. The long tubes feature a slip-fit collector that when used in conjunction with band clamps offer great ground clearance .We offer several sizes so you can match them to your horsepower level. Our stepped headers offer great high rpm performance while retaining good low and mid-range power. Our long tube headers do not work with 4wd. Includes gaskets, bolts, reducers, and O2 sensor bungs. Standard ceramic finish is polished silver, contact us for bare steel and black ceramic coated pricing.


MR45666      1 ¾” ceramic coated mid-length headers                           $604.00


MR45676      1 ¾” ceramic coated long tube headers (2wd only)           $789.00


MR45696      1 7/8” ceramic coated long tube headers (2wd only)         $839.00


MR45716      2” ceramic coated long tube headers (2wd only)               $939.00


MR45686      1 ¾” stepped to 1 7/8” coated long tube (2wd only)          $989.00


MR45706      1 7/8” stepped to 2” coated long tube (2wd only)              $1039.00

MuscleRods Stainless Steel Headers

We have found that 1 7/8" is the best size header for most LS swaps. So, we now offer a 1 7/8" long-tube in stainless steel specifically for this LS swap. These headers feature 3/8" flanges and very smooths bends that create a great raw stainless look. The 304 Stainless steel ensures maintenance-free longevity. They feature a slip-fit collector that when used with stainless steel band clamps offer the best ground clearance in the industry. The collector merge-spike increases power and they include gaskets, bolts, and O2 sensor bungs.


120-6795      1 7/8” Stainless Steel long-tube headers (2wd only)        $1049.00

All of our stainless headers feature a collector merge-spike that creates a smooth transition from the primary tube into the collector. It reduces low pressure turbulence increasing the scavenging effect of the cylinders thus increasing flow and power output.

Smooth bends and transitions in 304 stainless steel.

Exhaust Accessories

We have Stainless band clamps and header bolts along with reducer cones to help you complete your exhaust system. Click here for more info.


Fuel Line and Regulator Kit

Our quick and easy complete fuel line systems includes everything needed to go from the fuel tank to the LS fuel rail. Includes P.T.F.E. braided and covered fuel line, an OE style fuel filter/regulator combo, line clamps, and all fittings and connectors needed. Standard kit is for 255 LPH pumps with a 400 LPH version also available. Click for more info.

Black Epoxy coating

Optional dual high performance fans installed

LS Conversion Radiators

We now offer conversion radiators specifically designed for your truck with an LS engine. They feature all aluminum construction, but unlike others on the market, they have beautifully stamped tanks with strengthening indentations just like your original. They're a double pass design putting the inlet and outlet on the same side which greatly simplifies plumbing to the engine. The all important steam port bung is welded into the upper part of the tank which lets your new LS engine vent properly. They also include a sensor port that can be used for a coolant temp fan switch.  Excellent restoration type quality made in the USA. Available in bare aluminum or black and with or without high performance electric fans installed.


313-9017-0M        63-66 GM Truck LS Radiator (Manual Trans)                       $679.00


313-9017-0A         63-66 GM Truck LS Radiator (Auto Trans)                           $755.00


313-9017-MF        63-66 GM Truck LS Radiator (Manual Trans) with fans        $1078.00


313-9017-AF         63-66 GM Truck LS Radiator (Auto Trans) with fans            $1154.00



313-9018-0M        67-87 GM Truck LS Radiator (Manual Trans)                       $679.00


313-9018-0A         67-87 GM Truck LS Radiator (Auto Trans)                           $755.00


313-9018-MF        67-87 GM Truck LS Radiator (Manual Trans) with fans        $1078.00


313-9018-AF         67-87 GM Truck LS Radiator (Auto Trans) with fans            $1154.00

LS Swap Hoses and Line Kits

Check here for radiator hoses, transmission line and power steering kits to complete your swap.

Wiring Harnesses and Computer

We offer many stand-alone harnesses as well as harness and re-flashed computer packages.

Gauge Components and Sensors

We offer a group of gauge adapters and sensors to get your original gauges working with your late model engine and transmission  For more info click here.

LS Front Accessory Drives

Whether you are looking for original equipment style, or full billet custom, we have you covered. We have partial and complete kits in several finishes, that have been tested to work with our other components and your truck. Hit the link for more info.

LS Engine and MuscleRods T-Shirts

Check out our Apparel Section for the latest in LS Engine and MuscleRods gear.


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