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New Products-

EFI Surge Tanks

The best solution when you want to use your existing Non-EFI fuel tank.

Perfect for wagons and dual tank trucks as well as high-g applications since the pump is always submerged.

This tank houses either single or dual high pressure EFI fuel pumps and can be mounted to the frame rail or underhood.


Hose and Line kits

To simplify your engine swap MuscleRods now offer radiator hoses, power steering line kits and transmission cooler line kits.

LT Engine Series Conversion kits

In 2014 GM introduced the Gen 5 LT-series engines - representing a major redesign of the Gen 3 and 4 LS-series. With high-tech features like direct fuel injection the LT-series is setting new standards in power and efficiency. Once again Muscle Rods is leading the industry by developing kits to install the Gen 5 LT engines into your classic vehicles.

Stainless Steel Headers

Most of our swap kits now feature optional 304 stainless steel header kits.

Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kits

This hydraulic clutch conversion kit is a must when installing a T56 (or TR6060) in your earlier vehicle. These easy bolt-in kits get you the great pedal feel of a hydraulic system and years of dependable, maintenance-free use.

New High Clearance Oil Pan kits

Built to our specs by Moroso, this new High Clearance oil pan is an alternative to our LH8 pan kit. The LH8 oil pan fits very similar to a vintage small or big block and hangs a little below the frame in some applications. This pan fits level or above the frame crossmember and is recommended for cars and trucks that have been excessively lowered.

New Complete Fuel Line kits

Our Complete fuel line systems that includes everything needed to go from the fuel tank to the LS fuel rail. It includes high quality P.T.F.E. (Teflon) Stainless Steel braided and covered fuel line which insures no break down with newer gasoline. The unique black covering on the hose prevents scratching chassis or electrical components even in extreme racing conditions. The OE style fuel filter/regulator combo regulates fuel pressure to 58 lbs. per GM LS Specifications. Also the 2-piece screw together fittings at the fuel rail and regulator provide extra protection over the old plastic clip design. The kit includes line clamps, and all fittings and connectors needed.

EFI Conversion Fuel Tank kits

These conversion fuel tanks solve the problem of supplying your new LS engine with a steady flow of fuel. The tanks, made specifically for your car, feature a recessed area in the top for the fuel pump module and sending unit, so no floor modifications are needed for clearance. They have an innovative baffling system inside to control fuel slosh and keep the pump fed even at low fuel levels and extreme driving conditions. They are galvanized steel and powder coated silver for maximum durability.  Absolutely the best way to go with a late model engine swap.

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