Wiring Harnesses with Ready to Run Re-flashed Computer

This is the quickest and easiest way to be on the road with your LS project. Whether you are starting with a crate engine or a pull-out package this is the way to go. What you get is a new wiring harness that includes everything you need, but none of the unnecessary stuff that is in your factory harness. They’re made with XLP heat and fire resistant wire and new OEM connectors. They include the OBD2 diagnostic/tuning port and a weatherproof fuse relay panel with diagram. The woven nylon covering is much better looking, easier to route, and will not wear on other components like factory convoluted tubing. Also included is an OE engine control module that has been re-flashed to remove all of the unnecessary elements like vehicle anti-theft control and secondary O2 sensors. It is then tuned for a stock to mild camshaft with shift points to work for most builds. If you are running a strange combo or a large camshaft your final tune can be made by a local tuner or you can email us the specs and we can program it before it is shipped out. Everything is tested on a running engine before it leaves. Just plug it in and start enjoying your new LS.


The harness kits are separated into two groups, Gen 3 with 24 tooth and Gen 4 with 58 tooth reluctor ring. Then grouped by car or truck engine and cable or electric throttle body. To help identify what reluctor ring you have see our Reluctor Ring Identification below.


*Due to demand all of our harnesses currently have a 8-10 week lead time.

Waterproof fuse and relay box allows for mounting anywhere.

All connectors are clearly marked for ease of installation and maintenance.

LS Series Gen 3 Harness and PCM 24x

Includes new harness and re-flashed PCM (powertrain control module).


997-1501-56              Car Engine - Cable TB - Man Trans                      $995.00


997-1501-60              Car Engine - Cable TB - 4L60E                             $1095.00


997-1501-80              Car Engine - Cable TB - 4L80E                             $1095.00



997-1601-56              Truck Engine - Cable TB - Man Trans                   $995.00


997-1601-60              Truck Engine - Cable TB - 4L60E                         $1095.00


997-1601-80              Truck Engine - Cable TB - 4L80E                         $1095.00



997-1701-56              Corvette/CTS-V - TB by Wire - Man Trans            $1295.00


997-1701-60              Corvette/CTS-V - TB by Wire - 4L60E                   $1295.00


997-1701-80              Corvette/CTS-V - TB by Wire - 4L80E                   $1295.00



997-1702-56              05-07 GTO - TB by Wire - Man Trans                   $1495.00


997-1702-60              05-07 GTO - TB by Wire - 4L60E                          $1495.00


997-1702-80              05-07 GTO - TB by Wire - 4L80E                          $1495.00



997-1801-56              Truck Engine - TB by Wire -Man Trans                $1295.00


997-1801-60              Truck Engine - TB by Wire - 4L60E                       $1295.00


997-1801-80              Truck Engine - TB by Wire - 4L80E                       $1295.00

Woven covering looks and performs better than factory convoluted tubing.


For anything other than near stock applications contact us at the link below with all of you combinations specs. Include your order number with your email. There is an up-charge for Supercharged and highly modified combinations.

Gen 4 systems use a Engine Control Module and separate Transmission Control Module


6L80E/6L90E transmissions have the TCM built into transmission valve body. Please call to coordinate re-flashing of your existing TCM.

LS Series Gen 4 Harness and ECM 58x

Includes new harness, re-flashed ECM (engine control module) and re-flashed TCM (transmission control module) - Except 6L80E/6L90E which has the TCM built into transmission valve body. Please call to coordinate re-flashing of your existing TCM.


997-2601-56              Car Engine - TB by Wire - Man Trans                   $1,449.00


997-2601-60              Car Engine - TB by Wire - 4L60E                          $1,540.00


997-2601-80              Car Engine - TB by Wire - 4L80E                          $1,540.00


997-2601-89              Car Engine - TB by Wire - 6L80E/6L90E              $1,682.00



997-2801-56              Truck Engine - TB by Wire - Man Trans                $1,449.00


997-2801-60              Truck Engine - TB by Wire - 4L60E                       $1,540.00


997-2801-80              Truck Engine - TB by Wire - 4L80E                       $1,540.00


997-2801-89              Truck Engine - TB by Wire - 6L80E/6L90E            $1,682.00

Reluctor Ring Identification

The reluctor ring is a wheel on the crankshaft that tells the computer where in the revolution the crankshaft is. The earlier systems used 24 pulses per revolution and the later used 58. As a general rule 2005 and earlier engines use the 24 tooth and 2008 and later used the 58 tooth reluctor. As with most GM changes this change was started with the Corvette and took a few years before it was incorporated into all LS engines. So if you have an engine close to these years you will want to check to verify which you have. The best way to ID what reluctor ring you have is to look at the color of the crank position sensor plug just above the starter. Black is the early 24 pulse sensor and gray is the 58 pulse sensor.

Early and late crank position sensor plugs

Black = 24x

Gray = 58x

O2 Sensors

O2 sensors to go along with our wiring harnesses. The 24 tooth sensor has a flat 4 pin connector while the 58 tooth has a square 4 pin connector.


997-9100-00              4-Wire O2 Sensor-24x Gen 3                                $50.00


997-9102-00              4-Wire O2 Sensor-58x Gen 4                                $57.00

Mas Air Sensors

24 tooth and 58 tooth Mass Air Flow sensors. The 58x card type is simply mounted inside the air cleaner intake tube.


997-9200-10              MAF Sensor w/IAT-ROUND-24x                           $85.00


997-9200-20              Removable MAF Sensor-CARD-58x                    $90.00

OE Electronic Pedal Assembly

Original equipment electronic gas pedal assembly for use with 58x wiring harnesses.


997-9001-00              Gen 4 58x Pedal Assembly                                   $99.00


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