A high-tech look that fits under the hood and clears truck front accessories.

Convert to cable control and make big power at an affordable price.

LS Conversion Intake Manifold kit

We scoured the earth trying to put together an intake kit for the customer using a donor truck engine package. In the end this imported sheet aluminum intake manifold fit the bill perfectly.


Truck pull out packages are a great "bang for your buck" deal right now. Possibly the best power-per-dollar deal ever. But there are a couple of problems that arise with the truck engine: First, besides being ugly, the truck intake is tall. Second, if you do manage to get it under the hood the small throttle body really limits performance possibilities. Sure, you can dig up a car intake, but then you have to change everything on the front of the engine because of the throttle body location. That includes water pump, balancer and all accessories. All of a sudden that truck donor doesn't look like such a good deal.


This is the answer! This kit includes everything you need to swap out that ugly truck intake and convert to a cable-controlled throttle body.  It's roughly 3" shorter than the truck intake, making it fit under most hoods, but tall enough for the throttle body to clear the truck accessories as well as all others. The larger 92mm throttle body coupled with the large plenum medium runner intake design leads to big horsepower gains over stock. Used in conjunction with a performance cam and one of our tuned PCMs and you'll have a serious powerhouse for any LS swap.

Our intake kit includes throttle cable and throttle cable bracket as well as 92mm throttle body and fuel rail kit.

Includes Sheet aluminum fabricated intake manifold, 92mm throttle body, fuel rails, braided connecting hose, fittings, throttle cable, cable bracket, and all gaskets and hardware


000-6501-00              Cathedral-port LS engines                         $699.00


000-6502-00              Square-port LS engines                             $699.00

This kit clears the alternator, idler and radiator hose connection on all of the truck accessories we have tested.

Roughly 3" shorter than the truck intake while having a throttle body position to clear the truck accessories.

This intake kit is the key to an awesome truck pullout package.


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