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No generic hope-it-fits parts here. Everything was developed on a real project car for the best possible fit.

1964-67 Chevelle / A-Body

1964-1967 A-Body LS Conversion

This LS swap kit is made specifically for the 1964-1967 Chevelle, El Camino, Le Mans, GTO, Cutlass, Skylark, GS and Tempest. It was designed around our LH8 and High Clearance oil pan kits. The frame brackets bolt into existing holes in the frame and was designed to give you the best options for other components. Unlike most LS swap parts on the market this kit replaces the frame brackets in addition to the mounts, so you'll have clean mounting of your engine and not a mix of unrelated parts. Unlike other mounts, ours position the engine so there is no steering interference, and our crossmember maintains the proper drive-line angle for smooth highway cruising. It provides clearance for the factory AC box, power brake booster, and aftermarket suspension components. The following combined parts offer an easy, strong, and clean installation of your LS engine. See our installation guide for more info on this LS swap. 66 and 67 El Caminos use the Convertible part numbers since they had the same boxed frame.

Available transmissions

64-67 Coupe

101-0002-56    LS and T-56 or TR-6060

101-0002-60    LS and 4L60E to 4L70E

101-0002-80    LS and 4L80E or 4L85E

101-0002-89    LS and 6L80E or 6L90E

64-67 Convertible / 66-67 El Camino

101-0102-56    LS and T-56 or TR-6060

101-0102-60    LS and 4L60E to 4L70E

101-0102-80    LS and 4L80E or 4L85E

101-0102-89    LS and 6L80E or 6L90E

Mount and Crossmember Kit

Includes motor mounts, frame brackets, transmission crossmember, transmission mount, and hardware.  Manufactured from the highest grade American made steel. They're laser cut, precision bent, powder coated and feature polyurethane bushings.  It has a lifetime free replacement warranty on the bushings.                                                  $489.00

Individual Components

For those of you working on custom applications we offer our engine mounts separately. To ensure proper driveline angle we recommend getting the Mount and Crossmember kit together for standard LS swaps.

101-1302-00      Engine mounts and frame brackets only                       $299.00


Late Model Manual Transmission Mount Adapters

We have adapter brackets available for those of you using a TR-6060 or late model T-56 transmission used in the CTS-V and 5th generation Camaros. Click here for more info.


Solid Race Bushings

Also available are solid race bushings for our engine mounts.

Oil Pan kits

The LH8 pan is the oil pan that our LS swap was designed around. It comes standard or machined for the oil bypass valve to use with displacement on demand or variable valve timing. Includes new full length windage tray, pickup tube, hardware, gasket, dipstick, and our pickup tube girdle. We also offer our High Clearance oil pan. Built to our specs by Moroso this High Clearance oil pan is recommended for cars and trucks that have been lowered.

Click here for oil pan install article


000-6100-00      LH8 Oil Pan                                                                    $249.00


000-6102-00      LH8 Oil Pan (machined for ‘08 up VVT bypass)             $329.00


000-6400-00      Moroso High Clearance Oil Pan                                     $469.00

Oil pan kits come with our exclusive pickup tube girdle.

Our High Clearance oil pan will be flush or above the frame and the LH8 will fit like a vintage small or big block and hang a little below.

BRP Oil Pump Pickup Tube Girdle

Original GM oil pickup tubes are fastened to the pump with a single bolt mating flange on the tube. The bolt hole on the other side is not used. Our Girdle is cnc machined aluminum and goes over the original mating flange, wraps around the tube, and fastens using both bolt holes. Use with a little Locktight and it’s cheap insurance against an engine meltdown. It comes with two longer bolts for install.


000-6000-00      Girdle with hardware                                                      $34.95


Muscle Rods Headers

These are not your average swap headers. These headers offer many feature that are normally only on custom race headers. We start with 3/8" laser cut flanges with the tubes welded inside and out and then machined. The long tube headers feature bolt-on race inspired collectors for ease of installation and tuning of primary length. The mid-lengths use a gasket-less ball and socket type collector for a leak free install. They're ceramic coated inside and out to fight performance robbing underhood temperatures, then polished for a long lasting show quality finish.

We offer several sizes of headers so you can match them to your horsepower level. Our 1¾” mid-length headers offer great ground clearance and support up to 500hp. For more than 600hp we offer 1 7/8” long-tubes, and for big cubic inch monster engines our 2" is a perfect match. Our stepped headers offer great high rpm performance while retaining good low and mid-range power. They all include gaskets, bolts, reducers, and O2 sensor bungs.


MR45186      1 ¾” ceramic coated mid-length headers                          $569.00


MR45196      1 ¾” ceramic coated long tube headers                            $699.00


MR45206      1 ¾” stepped to 1 7/8” ceramic coated long tube              $849.00


MR45216      1 7/8” ceramic coated long tube headers                          $799.00


MR45226      1 7/8” stepped to 2” ceramic coated long tube                  $949.00


MR45236      2” ceramic coated long tube headers                                $849.00

Exhaust Accessories

We have Stainless band clamps and header bolts along with reducer cones to help you complete your exhaust system. Click here for more info.


Wiring Harnesses with Ready to Run Re-flashed Computer

This is the quickest and easiest way to be running and on the road with your LS project. Includes a new wiring harness that has everything you need and a reflashed OE computer. Just plug it in and start enjoying your new LS swap. For more info click here.

Black Epoxy coating

Optional dual high performance fans installed

LS Conversion Radiators

We now offer conversion radiators specifically designed for your car with an LS engine. They feature all aluminum construction, but unlike others on the market, they have beautifully stamped tanks with strengthening indentations just like your original. They're a double pass design putting the inlet and outlet on the same side which greatly simplifies plumbing to the engine. The all important steam port bung is welded into the upper part of the tank which lets your new LS engine vent properly. They also include a coolant temp fan switch in the tank. Excellent restoration type quality made in the USA. Available in bare aluminum or black and with or without high performance electric fans installed.


313-9002-0M       64-67 Chevelle (Manual trans)                                   $570.00


313-9002-0A        64-67 Chevelle (Auto trans)                                       $600.00


313-9040-0M       64-67 GTO / Lemans (Manual trans)                          $570.00


313-9040-0A        64-67 GTO / Lemans (Auto trans)                              $600.00


Radiators with Cooling Fans

613-9002-0M       64-67 Chevelle (Manual trans)                                   $895.00


613-9002-0A        64-67 Chevelle (Auto trans)                                       $925.00


613-9040-0M       64-67 GTO / Lemans (Manual trans)                          $895.00


613-9040-0A        64-67 GTO / Lemans (Auto trans)                              $925.00

EFI In-Tank Pump Fuel Tanks kits

These conversion fuel tanks solve the problem of supplying your new LS engine with a steady flow of fuel. The tanks, made specifically for your car, feature a recessed area in the top for the fuel pump module and sending unit, so no floor modifications are needed for clearance. They have an innovative baffling system inside to control fuel slosh and keep the pump fed even at low fuel levels and extreme driving conditions. They are galvanized steel and powder coated silver for maximum durability. The kit includes a fuel sending unit designed to work with your factory style fuel gauge. The included fuel pump module features an in-tank wiring harness and three ports - one for the feed line, one for the return line, and one for the vent. The kit has two available Walbro fuel pump options. The standard 255 LPH pump or the 400 LPH pump for supercharged or 550+hp applications. The kit also includes tank straps, vent filter, gaskets, and hardware. They look like original equipment from under the car and are absolutely the best way to go when converting to EFI.

101-6680-04       64-67 Chevelle EFI Tank kit - 255 LPH pump                $549.00


101-6680-06       64-67 Chevelle EFI Tank kit - 400 LPH pump                $629.00


101-6686-04       64-67 El Camino/ Wagon Tank kit - 255 LPH pump       $549.00


101-6686-06       64-67 El Camino/ Wagon Tank kit - 400 LPH pump       $629.00



101-6681-04       64-67 Skylark EFI Tank kit - 255 LPH pump                  $549.00


101-6681-06       64-67 Skylark EFI Tank kit - 400 LPH pump                  $629.00



101-6682-04       64-67 Cutlass EFI Tank kit - 255 LPH pump                  $549.00


101-6682-06       64-67 Cutlass EFI Tank kit - 400 LPH pump                  $629.00



101-6683-04       64 GTO, Lemans EFI Tank kit - 255 LPH pump             $549.00


101-6683-06       64 GTO, Lemans EFI Tank kit - 400 LPH pump             $629.00


101-6684-04       65 Lemans EFI Tank kit - 255 LPH pump                       $549.00


101-6684-06       65 Lemans EFI Tank kit - 400 LPH pump                       $629.00


101-6685-04       65-67 GTO, 66-67 Lemans Tank kit - 255 LPH pump    $549.00


101-6685-06       65-67 GTO, 66-67 Lemans Tank kit - 400 LPH pump    $629.00

Fuel Line and Regulator Kit

Our quick and easy complete fuel line systems includes everything needed to go from the fuel tank to the LS fuel rail. Includes P.T.F.E. braided and covered fuel line, an OE style fuel filter/regulator combo, line clamps, and all fittings and connectors needed. Click for more info.

LS Front Accessory Drives

Whether you are looking for original equipment style, or full billet custom, we have you covered. We have partial and complete kits in several finishes, that have been tested to work with our other components and your car. Hit the link for more info.


13” Brake Kit for GM 2-Piece Spindles

Our 13” Front brake kits are designed for use with early GM 2-piece spindles. They require the use of 17” wheels or larger (we cannot check fitment with all wheels, so please verify fitment prior to ordering). The kit includes all NEW parts including GM 2-piston calipers (with high performance brake pads), drilled, slotted & coated 13” rotors, stainless steel braided brake hoses (front only), brackets, shims and hardware. If ordered with our modified hubs you get the modified hubs, new longer wheel studs, new bearings & seals. (Note: there is a $40.00 core charge on the hubs)


013-3000-00      13” Brake Kit for Drum Spindles                                   $ 849.00


013-3001-00      13” Brake Kit for Drum Spindles (Includes hubs)         $ 949.00


013-3100-00      13” Brake Kit for Disc Spindles                                     $ 849.00


013-3101-00      13" Brake Kit for Disc Spindles (Includes hubs)           $ 949.00


12” Brake Swap Kits for GM 2-Piece Spindles

We offer disc brake conversion kits that allow you to use late model F-Body (1998-2002 Camaro & Firebird) 12” front and rear disc brakes on early muscle cars with GM 2-piece spindles. The kit is offered for either disc brake spindles or drum brake spindles and can be ordered with or without our machined hubs. The basic front brake conversion kit consists of both right & left brackets, spacers & hardware. If ordered with our modified hubs you also get machined GM hubs with new wheel studs, bearings and seals. Modifying GM hubs to work with the new brakes ensures that you keep the same track width, which is a common problem with aftermarket brake kits. It’s a cost effective way to get great brakes on your car that work with affordable and easy to find replacement parts.


012-3000-00      12" Brake Swap Kit for Drum Spindles                          $89.00


012-3001-00      12" Brake Swap Kit, Drum Spindles (Includes hubs)   $209.00


012-3100-00      12" Brake Swap Kit for Disc Spindles                            $89.00


012-3101-00      12" Brake Swap Kit, Disc Spindles (Includes hubs)     $209.00

Rear Disc Brake adapter Kit

Our rear disc brake adapter kit allows you to use late model F-body rear brakes on your existing rear end. includes the spacer plates to re-position the backing plates to work with the early 10 & 12 bolt axles.


012-3400-00      F-Body Rear Brake Adapter plates                                $39.00


LS Engine and MuscleRods T-Shirts

Check out our Apparel Section for the latest in LS Engine and MuscleRods gear.


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