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LS engine swap kits for 1955 to 2003 cars and trucks

Follow along as we build new projects and update some Iconic American Iron to the LS platform. You can follow their progress on these pages or get quick updates on our MuscleRods FaceBook page.

New Projects

87 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe Street Car

Our Project Monte SS is a low mileage original owner car that has been in storage for close to 20 years. Well its time to pull it out, dust it off, and update it. We're going to turn it into the Street Super Car that the General intended by pulling out that anemic, 180 hp, 305 small block and replace it with an LS1. The unusual part of this project is that the engine and drive-train will be bone-stock, with only a set of our mid-length headers as performance parts. Follow along as we try to make this swap look like it was factory installed.

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