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87 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe Street Car

The Engine we are using in our Monte SS projects is a super low mileage F-body LS1 that was collected for the project years ago when the LS series was first introduced.

The first step in preparing our engine for the swap is to do a quick inspection of the insides while swapping the f-body oil pan to our LH8 pan, which our swap kit was designed around.

This shot illustrates the reasons for the pan swap. The LH8 pan has a deeper sump area that is farther back on the pan. This gives us the clearance we need for our frame crossmember and steering components.

With the original pan removed you can see the stock f-body windage tray and oil pump pickup tube.

The inside of our LS1 seems to be just as we had hoped. It's clean with very little wear.

The LH8 pan comes with a new full length windage tray, pickup tube, hardware, gasket, and dipstick.

We'll be using blue lock tight for added insurance and torquing everything to factory specs.

When installing the new oil pump pickup tube it's important to use a little Vaseline on the o-ring to make sure that it doesn't get damaged when first pushed into the pump.

We are also using our oil pump pickup tube girdle. The girdle gives you the ability to use both bolt holes while securing the tube to the pump. It's cheap insurance against engine failure. Then torquing the bolts to factory specs of 106 inch pounds.

One of the great things about the later model engines are the o-ring type gaskets. They ensure an easy leak free install.

Only a little bit of RTV sealer is needed in the corners.

Torquing the oil pan bolts to factory specs is very important as the cast aluminum pan is a structural part of the engine.

That's it, our engine is now ready to install.

Stay Tuned for Project Updates Coming Soon