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In up-coming years feeding our beloved traditional muscle cars will be more than just a headache. It may be very difficult. The industrialization of China, India, and other emerging economies will place a huge demand on oil supplies. The prices are sure to rise and force us to look at both better fuel mileage and alternative fuels.  The US is on track to comply with the federal law requiring us to quadruple our production of alternative fuels by 2020. The EPA and Department of Energy are working jointly to implement the most aggressive production standards for E-85, and the highest corporate average fuel economy standards we have ever seen. These future prices coupled with the possible limited availability or normal gasoline could be detrimental to your vintage muscle, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s time for our hobby to evolve.


Our hobby is no stranger to drive-train swaps or alternative fuels. Enthusiasts from the beginning of hot rodding have used engine and transmission swaps to get the performance they craved. Now we can get the performance and the economy needed while using these same core hot rodder principles. Nascar has always used race gas but their turn toward ethanol and EFI is writing on the wall for the rest of the automotive hobby. Let’s face it, a lot has changed in the last 40 years and GM has been at the leading edge of fuel economy and clean emissions. All this while increasing American performance to unbelievable levels with the LS series of engines. The strong after-market support of these new engines has eclipsed anything we had in the past. We can now have horsepower to cubic inch numbers that many of us never dreamed of.  Let’s evolve that classic muscle car into a fuel-efficient ground pounding Muscle Rod that’s ready for the future.


Our new LS power-plant will be ready for whatever alternative fuel comes our way. With some simple tuning it can adapt to the large percentages of ethanol that are sure to come. Cutting edge EFI and late-model overdrive transmissions will guarantee that we can cruise without the worry of burning too much of that fuel. And when needed we will have the power to make all of the up-coming performance vehicles respect their elder muscle cars. An evolution of our Muscle Rods will ensure that whatever happens with our fuel situation the next generation will be able to enjoy them as much as we have.


Now is the time for us to Save the Muscle Cars

Save the Muscle Cars - Fuel and the Future of the Hobby.

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